About Us

Chi Sing Metal Mfy. Co.Ltd. strives to give good product and service to our customers.We commit to ship only quality products because we understand a satisfactory product and service is something our customer needs, wants, and values.Therefore, we spend a lot of effort in maintaining and continuously improving our workmanship,quality control, technology, and design. Chi Sing not only has profound experience in metal stamping, but we are also capable to make various kinds of metal products, for example: cell phone cases, appliance handles, gift items,display fixtures, etc.In the past 30 years, Chi Sing has earned a lot of recognition and business with the world well known companies such as Commodore,General Electric, Midea, Toto, LG, Electrolux, Georg Jensen, etc. Many of our metal products can be found worldwide.

Company History
Year Event
2018 New process: Integrated automatic roll forming and tube cutting system. 600T automatic stamping system.
2017 2nd time Distinguished Supplier Award from General Electric.
2016 Lean manufacturing seminar at Toyota factory.
2015 Business with Weber Grill
2014 Business with Schindler Elevator
2013 Distinguished Supplier Award from Mabe. 10th Anniversary Award from General Electric.
2012 Distinguished Supplier Award from General Electric.
Popai's Gold Award - Thierry Mugler perfume dispenser.
2011 Business with George Jensen, Denmark.
2010 Business with Electrolux Home Products, Mexico.
2009 Business with Electrolux Home Products,USA. Attend TS16949 training.
2008 Attend lean manufacturing training. Overcome the global financial crisis.
2007 Factory Expansion from 8000 m² to 14000m². Business with LG Electronics Korea. Won LG Supplier Award. Production of Hydroforming handles Business with Mabe Leiser (Range Division) Mexico.
2006 Business with Saeco Italy. China factory name changes to Williamson Metal Mfy. Co. Ltd. Factory renovation.
2005 Business with Midea Dishwasher China. Business with ToTo Dishwasher Japan. Business with Eagletronic Co. Production of Cheers digital camera cases.
2004 Business with Mabe Celaya (Refrigeration Division) Mexico. Business with C Group. Production of Chrisitan Dior Display Fixture. Business with B&H Design. Production of Croscill Classic Display Signate.
2003 Business with General Electric Appliances. Business with Indigo Electronics. Production of Klipsh Audio Panel. Production of Sharper Image Electric Scooter.
Business with Jaguar Sewing Machine Japan. Business with various well known brands who produce electric appliances, chassis, stamping parts, bathroom utensils, etc.
1992 Chi Sing China factory grand open.
1982 Major customer Commodore Production of the first personal computer chassis, Commodore C36. Another customer Atlas Electronics Production of H8 deck, cassette deck, contact plate, etc.
1981 Chi Sing Metal Manufactory Grand open in Hong Kong.

Williamson Metal Mfy. Co. Ltd.

Total Area:
14,000 m2
Working Area:
10,000 m2
Plant, Property, & Equipment:
US$ 3.5 Million
Factory Address: Tak Fook Industrial Estate,
Shu Xin Village, Chang Ping
Dongguan, P.R. China
Postal Code: 523560