Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment:


Company Mission:

We strive our best to use the most economic process to achieve excellent products and services.


Company Commitment:

1)      Cooperation

2)      High Quality Products and Services

3)      Customer Satisfaction

4)      Continuous Improvement

5)      Execution of ISO 9001 Standard


Quality Goals:

1)      Customer Satisfaction >= B

2)      On-time-delivery >= 95%

3)      Product Conformance >= 95%

4)      Customer Rejects <= 6 times/year

5)      Customer Complaints <= 6 times/year


Chi Sing Metal Manufactory Co., Ltd. is an ISO certified company.  We are certified by an international reputable ISO certification firm called the SGS.  In order to assure and to continue improving our quality, we not only commiting to comply with the ISO standard, but also implementing SPC tools and 6 sigma concepts into our processes and quality management.


SPC Methods:

       --QC 7 tools, Control Charts, Cpk study, Sampling Plans, FMEA, Poka-Yoke, DOE

6 Sigma Concepts:

       --Current Cpk>=1.33

       --GageR&R, S/T&L/T Capability Study, DMAIC, Quality Control Plan, Cost of Quality


Managing Our Suppliers:

       We believe cooperation and communication is a key to assure our supplier quality. Currently most of our suppliers are giving us excellent products.  Below is some samples including: colour anodizing; chrome and copper plating, colour printing on tin plated steel, gold plating.


Measuring Tools and Equipments

l         Caliper

l         Angle Meter

l         Height Gage

l         Micrometer

l         Projector

l         Calibration Block

l         Pull/Push Gage

l         Hardness Gage

l         Torque Meter

l         Feeler

l         Thread Gage

l         Pin Gage


Chrome&Copper Plating

Color Printing on Tin Plated Steel

Colour Annodizing

Gold Plating

Height Gage