Machinery List:
1 new wire cut machine 500 x 400 mm
1 new wire bending machine: free shape
1 new hydraulic press 300T
4 new hydroforming machines
3 bending machine (total)

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Due to continuous development, this is not an exhausted machinery list.


45 Punching Machines (16 ton -- 200 ton); Max. Tooling Size: 1.0 x 1.4m
2 Hydraulic Punching Machines (200 ton -- 400 ton)
9 Spot Welding Machines (45KVA, Vertical and Horizontal)
1 Gas Welding Machine
16 Hand Punchers
5 Riveting Machines
24 Drilling Machines
1 Plate Shearing Machine
2 Air Feeders

Painting and Silkscreen

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
1 Air Feeder
152m Long Painting Line (Liquid Paint)
3 Ovens
1 Rotary Silkscreen Machine
1 Sandblasting Machine


1 Circular Grinding Machine 20 Grinding Motors Custom Made Grinding Machine to Make Mirror Finish Products Shearing

1 Tube Shearing Machine
9 Heat Sink Machines

Tube Bending

3 Bending Machines (Max Diameter: 38 mm)

Brush Finish

Custom Made Brushing Machine for Different Products

Logo Machining

Custom Made Logo Machining Machine